CheckIn360 and Counseling


CheckIn360 was designed by psychologists looking for a way to limit the frustration of waiting for their next client to arrive. What we discovered was CheckIn360 actually improves self-care.  This is how it works: 

  1. Your client checks themselves in on an iPad by selecting your image.
  2. You receive a text immediately after they check in notifying you of their arrival.  What you do while you wait is completely up to you.

Check In

Clients check in quickly, privately and without waiting in line to speak to a receptionist.  Our clients love the fact that they can let their therapist know they have arrived without the crowds at the front desk.  They have confidence their therapist has been notified and they wait patiently because they know it works.


The minutes between clients are precious to therapists. Having time to check in with friends, grab a quick bite to eat or even a quick walk to stretch their legs is invaluable. CheckIN360 lets you do whatever you want without having to wait by the phone or checking the waiting room.  When your client arrives, you know immediately.


Client Engagement

The ability to know exactly when a client arrives is important for good customer service.  However, it also provides you clinical insight as you know how early or late a client tends to arrive.  Clients feel empowered by the ability to check themselves in privately and securely. CheckIN360 is an important part of the clinical care environment.