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"Our Clients love the privacy, our staff love the efficiency."

-WellSpring Psychology Group

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How Does It Work?

CheckIN360 is an iPad app that allows businesses to easily connect their clients with their professionals. Clients select the person or department they need and the app sends that person a notification via text and email. Using CheckIN360 allows you to focus on who you are with, not who you are expecting.  



Works Everywhere

CheckIN360 works.  If you have a business where patients, clients or customers check in when they arrive, CheckIN360 will help you run more efficiently.  All you need is an iPad for the app and any phone that can receive text messages for the notifications. CheckIN360 is currently being used by Counselors, Physicians, Attorneys, Exhibitors, Orthodontists, Massage Therapists, Salons, Auto Dealers and more. Below are just a few of the businesses that benefit from CheckIN360.




Need Help?

Check out our pages on how to get started including tips to make CheckIN360 work best for you. We are always happy to help if you have questions so please let us know how we can help by using our contact page.