Automotive Centers

CheckIN360 helps dealers and service centers provide more efficient customer service.  Whether it is at the service center, showroom, or parts department it can be hard for staff members to always be where the customer needs them.  By installing CheckIN360 at key spots, you can give the customer the ability to reach who they need quickly and without the intrusion of loudspeakers or long waits for someone to assist them.


Quiet and Immediate

The car dealer loudspeaker is the punchline of many jokes.  It's often disruptive and difficult to understand.  CheckIN360 is exactly the opposite.  A simple tap on an iPad leads to a text notifying the exact person needed without interrupting the service being provided across the lot.


Flexible and Efficient

CheckIN360 allows you the freedom to set up users as specific individuals or assign individuals to a role.  For instance, the app can list "Parts Department" as an option without giving a specific individuals role.  This may help to assign multiple roles to a single person depending on your needs. 


Unique and Engaging

CheckIN360 offers a unique way for dealerships or service centers to engage with their customers.  By replacing intrusive systems with the elegance of a personalized notification system you can give your customers a stress free way to interact with your staff.  Lowering initial anxiety for your customer goes a long way to establishing trust in you and your business.