How It Works

CheckIn360 solves an important problem many therapists face. How do we know when our next client is here? Traditionally we have a receptionist call back to our office but this means waiting by the phone or interrupting a session. With CheckIn360 you get a text, email or both when your client checks in. They simply select your image on an iPad and have a seat while the app lets you know they have arrived via text or email. This frees you up to focus on the work you need to do and not on wondering if your next client has arrived.


CheckIn360 was developed by psychologists. We struggled to find a solution to notifying our staff that their clients had arrived. We had an administrative assistant making hundreds of calls a day to therapists in their office only to tell them their next client was waiting. We developed CheckIn360 for our practice and we use it every day. Our clinical staff love the freedom it gives them as they can leave their office without worrying if they will miss a call. Our administrative staff love the fact that with CheckIn360 the traffic at the front desk is literally cut in half. There are no lines of people checking in for appointments. We made CheckIn360 for our practice and are confident that your practice will love it too!


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