CheckIn360 and Salons

Salons are busy places, but you don't want your clients to feel you are too busy to give them the attention they deserve. CheckIn360 lets you focus on the person you are with and not on the person who is sitting in your chair next.  This is how it works:


Quiet and Private

CheckIN360 lets your clients check in quietly and privately.  They can relax and know you have been notified without interrupting you or another stylist. Clients love the fact that they can check in, grab a magazine and relax as they wait for you.


Immediate and Subtle

CheckIN360 sends you a text telling you your next appointment has arrived.  With your phone placed conveniently nearby on silent, a quiet buzz let's you know it's time to finish up.  It is non-intrusive, subtle and keeps you focused on the client in your chair.


Personal and Elegant

A subtle notification lets you design an environment where your clients feel they are the center of your attention.  Perhaps you are ready for them, but if not another staff member can see that they are well taken care of while you finish up.  CheckIN360 is helping salons everywhere to improve client engagement and improve the look and feel of their specific setting.